Controlled Pesticide Release from Porous Composite Hydrogels Based on Lignin and Polyacrylic Acid

Yajie Sun, Yanli Ma, Guizhen Fang, Shixue Ren, Yujie Fu


For the controlled release of pesticides, a novel composite porous hydrogel (LBPAA) was prepared based on lignin and polyacrylic acid for use as the support frame of a pore structure for water delivery. The LBPAA was analyzed to determine its water-swelling and slow release properties. The controlled release properties of LBPAA were evaluated through experiments in relation to the cumulative release of pesticides, with particular emphasis on environmental effects and release models. The porous LBPAA hydrogel showed improved properties compared to polyacrylic acid, and could therefore be considered an efficient material for application in controlled release systems in agriculture.


Pesticide; Controlled release; Biodegradable materials; Lignin

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