Windmill Palm Fiber/Polyvinyl Alcohol Coated Nonwoven Mats with Sound Absorption Characteristics

Changjie Chen, You Zhang, Guangxiang Sun, Jiayi Wang, Guohe Wang


Windmill palm single fibers (WPSFs) and fiber bundles (WPFBs) were extracted from a windmill sheath mesh. For the palm fiber acoustic application, WPSFs/WPFBs nonwoven materials and windmill palm fiber (WPF)/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coated nonwoven mats were developed. The effects of conditions such as the thickness and surface density of the materials and the concentration of PVA were studied. The sound absorption coefficients of all of the samples were measured using an impedance tube instrument. The statistical significance of the differences between these materials was tested using Duncan’s grouping method. Based on the results, the windmill palm fiber can be regarded as appropriate for use as a sound absorbing material. The addition of PVA was an effective way to improve the acoustic properties of the WPF/PVA coated nonwoven mats. This coated mat exhibited a greater ability to absorb sound than WPSFs/WPFBs nonwoven materials. The acoustic properties of the materials exhibited good results, with an average sound absorption coefficient of 0.38 when the concentration of PVA was 1 wt.%.


Windmill palm fiber; PVA; Sound absorption; Acoustic properties

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