The Influence of Nano-Fibrillated Cellulose as a Coating Component in Paper Coating

Yaxi Xu, Yudi Kuang, Pekka Johannes Salminen, Gang Chen


This work investigates nano-fibrillated cellulose (NFC) as a component in mineral pigment paper coating. In this work, bleached Eucalyptus pulp was pretreated by TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperdinyloxy)-mediated oxidation. The oxidized pulp was then isolated to obtain NFC by sonication. Aqueous coating colors consisting of calcium carbonate, clay, carboxylated butadiene-styrene latex, additives, and NFC were prepared. The rheology of the coating colors and the surface properties of paper coated with NFC containing coating colors were determined. The rheological properties allowed NFC to be used in small amounts under laboratory conditions. Nano-fibrillated cellulose was found to improve the surface strength and smoothness of the coated paper. The water resistance of coated paper, on the other hand, decreased because of the hydrophilicity of NFC.


NFC; Viscosity; Coating colors; Properties of coated paper

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