Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose-CaCO3 Composites by an Eco-Friendly Microwave-assisted Route in a Mixed Solution of Ionic Liquid and Ethylene Glycol

Xu-Feng Cheng, Hua Qian, Shan-Wei Zhang, Zhan-Shuo Zhang, Yuan He, Ming-Guo Ma


The purpose of this study was to investigate a popular reinforcing agent in the papermaking industry through a quick, environmentally friendly, microwave-assisted method. The preparation and characterization of cellulose-CaCO3 composites through this route, in a mixed solution of an ionic liquid and ethylene glycol, can occur within a 10-min timeframe. The chemical compounds, calcium acetate and sodium carbonate, were used as reactants for the as-obtained CaCO3 crystals. A NaOH-urea aqueous solution was used to treat the cellulose and prepare cellulose-CaCO3 composites. It was discovered that the addition of ionic liquids favors the preparation of cellulose-CaCO3 composites.


CaCO3; Composites; Cellulose; Ethylene glycol; Ionic liquid; Reinforcing agent

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