Manufacture and Mechanical Properties of Glued Bamboo Laminates

Lin Ni, Xiubiao Zhang, Huanrong Liu, Zhengjun Sun, Guangnan Song, Limei Yang, Zehui Jiang


Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazei ex H. de Lebaie), one of the most commonly used species in China, is a strong and stiff material. In this paper, the manufacturing process for glued bamboo laminate (GBL) is presented. The mechanical properties of GBL (compression strength, bending, tension, and shearing) were tested. Results indicated that the mechanical properties of GBL were significantly different for different grades of GBL, but that the performance of GBL was controllable. The edge butt joint greatly influenced the tensile performance, but the butt joint had little impact on the bending performance. In addition, the good mechanical performance of GBL is sufficient for engineering members, making it a potentially useful bamboo product for engineering.


Glued bamboo laminate; Mechanical properties; Moso bamboo; Butt joint

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