Effect of High-Temperature Heat Treatment on the Acoustic-Vibration Performance of Picea jezoensis

Lingjing Zhu, Yixing Liu, Zhenbo Liu


The crystallinity and acoustic-vibration parameters of Picea jezoensis, including specific Young’s modulus (E/ρ),coefficient of sound-radiation resistance (R), sound resistance (ω), and the ratio of Young’s modulus to the dynamic stiffness modulus (E/G), before and after heat treatment were measured and characterized. Conditions for the heat treatment included N2 as the protection gas and temperatures of 170 °C, 190 °C, and 210 °C with holding times of 2 h, 3 h, and 4 h. The results showed that specific Young’s modulus, the coefficient of sound-radiation resistance, and the ratio of Young’s modulus to the dynamic stiffness modulus increased, whereas sound resistance decreased, thereby improving the acoustic performance of the wood. The maximum increments were 5.7% for specific Young’s modulus (210 °C, 3 h), 8.8% for the coefficient of sound-radiation resistance (210 °C, 3 h), and 13.8% for the ratio of Young’s modulus to the dynamic stiffness modulus (210 °C, 4 h). Conversely, the maximum decrease in sound resistance was 5.6% (170 °C, 2 h). The crystallinity of heat-treated samples universally increased, and the maximum reached 60.67% (210 °C, 4 h), which was 9.9% higher than that of the control group. Moreover, the sound resistance decreased within increasing crystallinity growth, indicating that these two parameters were negatively correlated. Overall, the acoustic-vibration performance of P. jezoensis was improved through heat treatment, with the best vibration performance obtained at 210 °C with a holding time of 4 h.


Wood; Heat treatment; Vibration performance; Crystallinity

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