Species and Mechanical Strengths of Wood Members in a Historical Timber Building in Gorgan (North of Iran)

Mehrab Madhoushi


This research introduces one of the most important historic constructions in Gorgan, namely, the House of Bagheri, placing an emphasis on wooden materials, noting that a considerable amount of solid wood was utilized as a structural element of this building. First, anatomical identification of species of wood was performed by the microscopic identification. The mechanical properties of selected old structural members were determined and compared with standard values, as well as visually inspected by an expert carpenter. The results indicated that several domestic hardwoods and one imported softwood had been used, and that old members (~ %36) showed acceptable mechanical strength despite their decayed appearance. The results implied that the visual inspections were very conservative and not reliable for restoration operations.


Gorgan; Historic building; Mechanical strength; Wood species

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