The Stiffness of One-Sided, Asymmetrically Veneered Composites

Sylwia Oleńska, Jerzy Smardzewski, Piotr Jacek Beer


The goal of the study was to analyse of the stiffness of one-sided, asymmetrical veneered boards by investigating the influence of glue type and board thickness on deflection and stress distribution on each composite layer. A specially designed stand that measured the whole area of the board was used to empirically measure the asymmetrically veneered elements. The theoretical measurements were taken using the Finite Elements Method in the Autodesk Mechanical Simulation 2015® program. All elements of composites including veneer (beech), glue-line (polyisocyanate and poly (vinyl acetate)), and the wood-based panel were simulated as elastic materials.


Wood composites; Veneering; Stress analysis; Deflections

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