Thermal Conductivity Values for Laminated Strand Lumber and Spruce for Use in Hybrid Cross-laminated Timber Panels

Jaya Tripathi, Robert William Rice


This study examined the thermal conductivity as a function of specific gravity and moisture content for laminated strand lumber (LSL) and red spruce. As part of a larger study of heat and mass transfer in cross-laminated timber panels using laminate comprised of both LSL and spruce, the authors measured the thermal conductivity at four moisture content levels. The results showed that the LSL had a higher thermal conductivity value across the entire moisture content range tested. The average difference was just over 8% and the range for both LSL and spruce was from 0.081 W /m-K to 0.126 W / m-K. Comparisons with published solid wood thermal conductivity values across the range were good. There were no reported values of LSL thermal conductivity at various moisture content levels.


Thermal conductivity; Red spruce; Laminated strand lumber

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