Development of a 3-axis Parallel Kinematic Machine for Milling Wood Material – Part 1: Design

Elmas Askar Ayyildiz, Mustafa Ayyildiz


A 3-axis parallel kinematic machine tool and advanced control system with programming in G-code for the milling of wood material are described in detail. This parallel kinematic machine is based on a 3-PSS (prismatic link, spherical link, and spherical link) parallel mechanism. A programming system and control based on a real-time PC windows platform and Mach3 software system was implemented for this tool. Finally, a model application of a programming system developed for a three-degree-of-freedom linear delta parallel machine was presented, and the workability for milling wood material (medium-density fibreboard) was shown.


Parallel kinematic machine; G-code; Milling wood material

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