Synergetic Effect and Product Characteristics of Coal and Salix psammophila Co-pyrolysis

Juhui Gong, Tingting Shao, Kebing Wang


The co-pyrolysis of Salix psammophila and coal was conducted in a pyrolysis reactor. The interaction between coal and S. psammophila at different ratios was investigated. It was found that the promotion and inhibition effects of the co-pyrolysis experiment were more obvious at 20 wt.% and 40 wt.% Salix psammophila, respectively, indicating a certain synergistic effect. The results of the N2 adsorption-desorption experiment showed that the addition of S. psammophila increased the surface area and decreased the pore size of the co-pyrolysis char. The Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra indicated that the pyrolysis tar contained mainly aromatic rings and fatty compounds. The addition of S. psammophila was beneficial to the decomposition of phenolic hydroxyls, ether bonds, and oxygen-containing heterocyclic rings in the coal tar. However, the addition of 50 wt.% S. psammophila blocked the pores of the coal and thus obstructed its pyrolysis, while the porosity of the co-pyrolysis char became more abundant. Richer porosity of the char implies great potential to be widely used in the sewage treatment industry.


Biomass; Co-pyrolysis; Oil; Char; Synergetic effect

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