Biomechanical Pulping of Poplar with Crude Enzyme Secreted from Trametes sp. lg-9

Kaifeng Xiong, Zhiqiang Pang, Binshou Wang, Xingxiang Ji, Yu Liu, Guihua Yang, Cuihua Dong, Jiachuan Chen, Lucian Lucia


Crude enzyme secreted from Trametes sp. lg-9 was applied in bio-mechanical pulping of poplar. The Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) of the pulp pretreated with crude enzyme by a charge of 8 IU g-1 pulp was 215 mL. However, the CSF of untreated pulp was 235 mL at the same refining revolutions of 15000. Also, the energy consumption during refining was significantly lowered. The brightness of enzyme-pretreated pulp was increased by 2%, and the light absorption coefficient and opacity were decreased slightly. The effect of H2O2 (P) and CH3COOOH-H2O2 (PaP) bleaching were reinforced, and the brightness of pulp was further enhanced when the dosage of crude enzyme was great than 8 IU g-1 pulp. However, the content of fines was decreased, and the lowest value was 6.99% when the dosage of crude enzyme was 8 IU g-1 pulp. The results of this work will be valuable for future possible commercialization.


Crude enzyme; Refining; Mechanical property; Brightness

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