A Proposed Method and Its Development for Wood Recovery Assessment in the Furniture Manufacturing Process

Vendy Eko Prasetyo, Benoit Belleville, Barbara Ozarska


A proposed method for assessing wood recovery involves application of a machining station approach with volume and mass measurements. A medium wood furniture company located in Jepara, Indonesia was selected to develop the method. Batch measurements of the inputs and outputs for different types of indoor-furniture products at every station were collected and analysed. For the volume method, three dimensions were measured on each specimen: the length, width, and thickness. For the mass method, the specimens were weighed before and after each processing station using a balance. Based on the mass method, the average total wood recovery rate was 26.2% ± 2.3%. For individual products and per station, the significant difference in the wood recovery rate occurred only at the resawing and edging, and trimming stations. The relationship between the teak quality, product dimensions, and type of finish was significantly different, where A-quality teak, large dimensions, and polyurethane finish resulted in a higher wood recovery rate. Both methods were reliable because of insignificant differences in the wood recovery rates. However, the mass method was more efficient and practical. The proposed protocol using the mass method is a suitable and effective system because the contribution of the variance component of the method was 2.71%.


Wood recovery; Wood furniture manufacturing; Contribution of variance component; Station approach; R-chart by operator; Indonesia

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