Preparation and Characterization of Nitrogen and Oxygen Heteroatom Codoped Activated Biocarbons from Edamame Shell

Tingting Chen, Lu Luo, Zeliang Li, Zhicheng Zhang, Shouwen Zheng, Zhicheng Zhu, Ju He, Weigang Zhao


A simple procedure was evaluated to prepare cost-effective heteroatom self-doped porous carbons from edamame shell using a two-step carbonization and activation process. The morphological, structural, textural properties and N2/CO2 adsorption–desorption were investigated. The results showed that edamame shell, which is abundant in nitrogen and oxygen, is an ideal precursor for preparing heteroatom self-doped porous carbons. The N and O contents of the prepared activated carbons (ACs) ranged from 1.20 wt% to 1.81 wt% and 5.13 wt% to 9.98 wt%, respectively. Furthermore, the specific surface area of 1835 m2/g of the N and O doped ACs resulted in mainly microporosity, which suggested that it has promising potential for wide applications in the fields of catalysis, energy conversion, energy storage devices, and adsorption.


Edamame shell; Activated carbon; Heteroatom self-codoping; Pore texture

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