Preparation and Characterization of a High Performance Emulsion Using a Polymeric Emulsifier and AKD

Lianqing Huang, Chao Chen, Shanshan Gao, Luqing Cui, Songlin Wang, Xiaoming Song, Fushan Chen, Jinling Liu, Shitao Yu


An alkylketene dimer (AKD) emulsion was prepared using a neotype polymeric emulsifier. The water resistance, surface tension, stability, grain diameter, and contact angle of the obtained AKD emulsion were investigated under different conditions, such as emulsification temperature, emulsification time, solids content, and amount of emulsifier. The experimental results demonstrated that the sizing effect of the AKD emulsion was fairly good under the following conditions: emulsification temperature, 75°C; emulsification time, 9 min; solids content, 10%; and the amount of emulsifier, 3%.


Emulsification; AKD; Polymeric emulsifier

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