Determining Optimum Material Mixture Ratio and Hot-pressing Parameters for New Hybrid Fiber-reinforced Composites: Modeling and Optimization by Response Surface Methodology

Wei Song, Minghao Zhu, Wei Lin, Shuangbao Zhang


As a bamboo processing residue, bamboo green (B) was evaluated as an additive to wood fiber (W) for developing composite panels. According to a Box-Behnken design, urea-formaldehyde resin-glued panels were fabricated from blends of B and W, with three preparation variables: B weight percentage in fibrous material (20%, 40%, and 60%), hot-pressing temperature (160 °C, 180 °C, and 200 °C), and hot-pressing duration (60, 120, and 180 s). The panels were tested for water uptake, thickness expansion, bending strength, and bending modulus. The results showed that the physical-mechanical properties of panels satisfied the strictest requirements of GB/T 11718 (2009). Four quadratic models were established to predict the four properties using the three variables. All models were statistically significant, with coefficients of variation below 5% and coefficients of determination beyond 0.96. An analysis of variance revealed that all variables significantly influenced panel properties. Their effect mechanisms were discussed. A response surface analysis demonstrated that, for different properties, the optimum B percentage, hot-pressing temperature, and hot-pressing duration ranged from 35% to 49%, 173 °C to 198 °C, and 111 s to 134 s, respectively. When all four properties were simultaneously optimized, the optimum preparation conditions were 42%, 179 °C, and 119 s, respectively.


Hybrid fiber-reinforced composites; Material mixture ratio; Hot-pressing parameters; Physical-mechanical properties; Response surface methodology

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