Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds Released by Different Decorative Particleboards on Indoor Air Quality

Liqun Jiang, Jun Shen, Hongwei Li, Qifan Wang, Xiwei Shen


Unfinished, polyvinyl chloride-faced (PVC-faced), and melamine-finished particleboards were examined to determine the effects of VOCs released from these particleboards on indoor air quality. A climate chamber and GC/MS was used to analyze the changes in the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from these particleboards over a single cycle of 28 days. The main pollutants from the unfinished particleboard were esters, aromatic hydrocarbons, and aldehydes ketones; the pollutants released from the PVC-faced and melamine-finished particleboards were esters, and aldehydes and ketones. The VOCs from the PVC-faced particleboard had the lowest impact on indoor air quality. When the released VOCs from PVC-faced particleboard reached their stable floor-level values, the air quality was grade I, which is suitable for living. When unfinished and melamine-finished particleboards were used individually indoors, the air quality was grade IV and V. After the released VOCs reached their stable floor-level values, the indoor air quality was grade I or II, which met the standards for living conditions. Under the premise of ensuring that the indoor air was not polluted, the maximum loading rates of the unfinished, PVC-faced, and melamine-finished particleboards were 2.0 m2/m3, 3.8 m2/m3, and 3.8 m2/m3, respectively.


Decorative particleboards; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs); Indoor air quality; Effect; Evaluation; Maximum loading rate

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