Hydrogen Production by Anaerobic Digestion from Agave lechuguilla Hydrolysates

Leopoldo J. Rios-González, Thelma K. Morales-Martínez, Gabriela G. Hernández-Enríquez, José A. Rodríguez-de la Garza, Mayela Moreno-Dávila


Hydrogen production from enzymatic hydrolysates of Agave lechuguilla pretreated by autohydrolysis was assessed in this work. The pretreatment was carried out in a high-pressure reactor using a solid/liquid ratio of 1:6 (w/v) at 190 °C for 30 min at 200 rpm. The pretreated solids were enzymatically hydrolyzed and then were digested with a treated mixed consortium under specified conditions with a Taguchi (L9(34)) experimental array. The results showed that the xylan was 65.2% solubilized during pretreatment, and the glucan preserved was 77.5% hydrolyzed, obtaining a hydrolysate with 55 g/L of glucose. The production of hydrogen after anaerobic digestion of hydrolysates was significantly influenced mainly by the temperature (80.6%) and glucose concentration (15.1%). The best conditions were 40 ºC, glucose 20 g/L, inoculum 5% (v/v), and initial pH 7. Under optimal conditions, the hydrogen yield achieved was 3.48 mol H2/mol glucose consumed at 120 h.


Agave lechuguilla; Autohydrolysis pretreatment; Anaerobic digestion; Hydrogen

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