Management Practices and Aboveground Biomass Production Patterns of Rhizophora apiculata Plantation: Study from a Mangrove Area in Samut Songkram Province, Thailand

Md. Kamrul Hassan, Vipak Jintana, Suvi Kuittinen, Ari Pappinen


Rhizophora spp. are grown for wood charcoal production in many tropical estuaries and coastal areas. However, a lack of species-level information stands in the way of promoting this resource for sustainable practices. The present study investigated management practices and aboveground biomass (AGB) production patterns of Rhizophora apiculata plantations in the Yeesarn area of Samut Songkhram Province, Central Thailand. Interviews of farmers and a field survey were main instruments for collecting and analyzing of the data. It was found that farmers collect mature propagules locally and use traditional knowledge for maintenance of the plantation including site preparation and planting. Beating-up and weeding are the main operations applied in establishing a plantation; otherwise, little effort is directed towards post-planting maintenance. The plantation was reforested in a harvesting rotation of 8 to 15 years. Observed stand growth in terms of annual turnover rate (ATR) of height and diameter was highest in a 12-year old plantation; 0.82 m/year and 0.46 cm/year, respectively. Highest AGB production, stem wood volume (SWV), and commercial wood volume (CWV) were observed in a 14-year old plantation; 201.95 tonnes/ha, 181.49 m3/ha, and 178.98 m3/ha, respectively. Growth and productivity patterns indicate that the plantation has a high yield potential in terms of wood biomass production.


Rhizophora apiculata; Plantation management; Aboveground biomass; Growth pattern; Biomass estimation model

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