Microstructural Characteristics of Larch Wood Treated by High-intensity Microwave

Mingli Liu, Chunfeng Li, Qingwen Wang


High-intensity microwave radiation was applied to treat and modify larch wood. Using scanning electron microscopy, changes in the microstructure of larch wood due to microwave irradiation were analyzed. After the microwave treatment, the microstructure of the larch wood was varied in its weakest section. The changes of the microstructure, in the pits of the tracheid wall, the plane of the tracheid wall, and the wood ray tissue of the radial section, were notable. The cracks were located among the latewood tracheid, and some of them were throughout the wood ray section, so wood rays were broken along the vertical cell arrangement. The results showed that high-intensity microwave treatment effectively penetrates the narrow channels of larch wood.


High-intensity microwave treatment; Larch wood; Microstructure

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