Does a Graft Located in the Canopy of a Rubber Tree Affect the Morphologies of Cells in the Adjacent wood?

Glaycianne Christine Vieira dos Santos, João Vicente de Figueiredo Latorraca, Lívia Fernanda Lavrador Toniasso, Letícia Maria Alves Ramos, José Henrique Camargo Pace, Sabrina Mayer de Almeida, Thayanne Caroline Castor Neto


The objective of this study was to characterize the wood anatomical structure of a rubber tree clone, under the influence of two different canopy grafts. The following rubber trees were selected in the system of a double-grafted PB 311 + FX 2784 and PB 311 + MDF 180. For each tree, discs of wood were cut from the affected branch immediately below the insertion of clone at right angles to the axis, from which the regions corresponding to tension, in opposite and normal wood, were identified. The anatomical analyses were conducted in accordance with the standards established by the International Association of Wood Anatomy Committee. The Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test was applied for multiple comparisons among the types of woods and radial positions studied, at 5% of significance. Still, multivariate associations were assessed among the anatomical characteristics of both double-grafted rubber trees, by means of a two-step cluster analysis. Quantitative morphological differences were observed in the wood cells of the double-grafted studied clones. The ray height and the vessels diameter were the most important morphologic characteristics for the distinction. The canopy clone exhibited the ability to modulate the quantitative anatomical characters of the panel clone, depending on the plant’s needs.


Canopy graft; Tension wood; Wood anatomy; Rubber tree; Radial variation

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