Anatomical Features of Branchwood and Stemwood of Betula costata Trautv. from Natural Secondary Forests in China

Xiping Zhao, Pinging Guo, Zhaolin Zhang, Haixin Peng


To enhance effective wood utilization, knowledge of the anatomical features that impact its service behavior is indispensable. The anatomical features of branchwood and stemwood of Betula costata Trautv. from natural secondary forests in central (Muzhaling mountain) and northeast (Maoershan mountain) China were studied to provide adequate information to enhance their efficient utilization, especially branchwood, whose use could widen the raw material base of the timber industry. Microtomed sections were employed to determine the tissue dimensions and proportions. Analyses of variance were used to test the anatomical feature differences between the two different sites, between the stemwood and branchwood, and between the heartwood and sapwood. The results showed that B. costata wood is diffuse-porous with more but narrower vessels located in the branch than in the stem. The branchwood also had a significantly higher fiber proportion than the stemwood. The sapwood exhibited significantly longer fibers than the heartwood. B. costata from Maoershan had significantly longer fibers, lower fiber proportions, larger fiber lumen diameter, and higher vessel density than that from Muzhaling. The results suggested that B. costata branchwood from Maoershan is suitable for papermaking and glued plates, while stemwood can be used for light construction purposes.


Anatomical features; Betula costata Trautv; Branchwood; Stemwood

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