Reinforcing Effect of a Thin Basalt Fiber-reinforced Polymer Plywood Coating

Samuel Kramár, Pavel Král


The strengthening effect of basalt fiber-reinforced epoxy coatings was investigated with regard to their areal weight and position on the compression or tension side of plywood. Beach plywood was coated on one side with a basalt fiber-reinforced epoxy matrix. Two biaxial and one twilled fabric with areal weights of 170 g/m2, 210 g/m2, and 340 g/m2 respectively were used. The thickness of the plywood was 21 mm. The results showed the best reinforcing effect was obtained with the highest weight when mounted on the tension side of the parallel specimens. The bending strength of these specimens was improved by 15.7%. The perpendicular specimens were positively reinforced by the fiber-reinforced polymers on both the compression and tension sides. The tension reinforcement provided a higher deflection, which was further analyzed using digital image correlation. The evaluated data indicated significant displacement of the neutral axis. The impact strength of the parallel specimens was not improved by the reinforcement, but all of the reinforced perpendicular specimens were significantly strengthened.


Basalt fibers; BFRP; Plywood strengthening; Plywood coating

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