Connecting Product Design, Process, and Technology Decisions to Strengthen the Solid Hardwood Business with a Multi-Step Quality Function Deployment Approach

Sebastian Kühle, Alfred Teischinger, Manfred Gronalt


Hardwood is currently underestimated with respect to its utilisation and its value creation potential. Due to changes in forest management in various countries, hardwood resources will become more important. However, solid hardwood (SH) production capacities, mainly structured as small to medium-sized enterprises (SME), are dropping or have dropped already because of changes in the wood products market. Enhancing the SH sector, the foundation of products, processes, and technology must be better understood. To support the SME SH business, the approach used here focuses on manufacturing processes of the first and secondary downstream industry. A multi-step Quality Function Deployment has been developed to match the manufacturing process with the product architecture, and a Process-Technology Matrix has been added to visualize the influence of technology on the manufacturing process. Both have been applied on three chosen hardwood products which are solid wood panel, parquet, and glued-laminated timber. The main contribution of the paper is a conceptual consideration with a conceptual framework rather than providing comprehensive solutions. Optimization potential exists within the SH manufacturing chain based on alternative the combinations of manufacturing processes and applied technologies.


Quality Function Deployment; Hardwood; Production Processes; Technology; Process-Technology Matrix; Structure Design

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