Effect of Mineral Materials Content as Filler in Medium Density Fiberboard

Ferhat Özdemir


The use of different mineral material types and contents in medium density fiberboard (MDF) production was investigated. Three different minerals (sepiolite, dolomite, and perlite) and five different ratios (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, and 15%) were used according to the oven-dry wood fiber weight. These minerals were homogeneously added as powder between the wood fibers. Some physical, mechanical, limit oxygen index (LOI), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) tests of the boards were conducted. The mineral fillers negatively affected the physical properties such as water absorption (WA), thickness swelling (ThS), and mechanical properties such as modulus of rupture (MOR), modulus of elasticity (MOE), and internal bond (IB). However, LOI and TGA test results showed a positive effect on combustion resistance depending on the type and rate of mineral fillers.


Sepiolite; Dolomite; Perlite; LOI

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