Enhancement of Colloidal Particle and Lignin Removal from Pre-hydrolysis Liquor by Pectinase Pre-treatment – Study on Model Substances

Zongquan Li, Qin Liu, Jiansong Chen, Yingjuan Fu


Removal of colloidal particle and lignin from pre-hydrolysis liquor (PHL) is important for the subsequent processing and utilization of the saccharides in the PHL. Cationic polymers treatment is a common method for the purpose, and pectinase pre-treatment of PHL can improve the efficiency of the treatment with cationic polymers. To investigate the mechanism of pectinase pre-treatment for improvement of the cationic polymer efficiency, polygalacturonic acid (PGA) was added in the colloidal lignin and dissolved lignin model substances systems, respectively, and the effects of polygalacturonic acid (PGA) and its pectinase pre-treatment on the removal of colloidal and dissolved lignin in the following cationic polymer treatment process were studied. The results showed that the presence of PGA caused the increase of negative charge density of the colloidal lignin and dissolved lignin systems, which lowered the efficiency of the cationic polymers and negatively affected the removal of both the colloidal lignin and the dissolved lignin. After pectinase treatment, the PGA present in the colloidal and dissolved lignin system was degraded and the negative effects on the cationic polymers were eliminated, and the efficiency of the cationic polymers was improved. Compared to the colloidal lignin and dissolved lignin systems with PGA, less cationic polymers were needed for the same systems with pectinase treatment to obtain the similar lignin removal level.


Lignin removal; Colloidal and dissolved lignin; Pectinase; Polygalacturonic acid; Cationic polymer

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