Analyzing the Influence of the Ground Layer on Reinforcement Strength of Lacquer Film in the Restoration of Ancient Chinese Lacquer Furniture

Tianxing Zhang, Zhihui Wu, Tian Sun


The ground layer of Chinese ancient lacquer furniture is located below the lacquer film. It is a crucial layer to reinforce the restoration of the furniture, since the ground layer can increase the reinforced strength. In this experiment, lacquer films with and without ground layers were selected as the key materials that were bonded onto wood blocks with various ground layers via adhesives including lacquer, bone glue, and polyvinyl acetate (PVAC). A scanning electron microscope (SEM) and mechanical test machine were used to observe the ground layers, the permeation of the adhesives, and reinforced strength of lacquer film. The experiment showed that the ground layer can affect the reinforced strength of lacquer film in the permeation and effective bonding of adhesives. Good permeation increases the strength of lacquer film because of the coarse ground layer. The effective bonding of adhesives includes the film-formation of lacquer, the gel prevention of bone glue, and the successful polymerization of PVAC, which also can increase the strength of the lacquer film.


Ground layer; Lacquer film; Reinforce strength; Restoration

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