Flexural Behavior of Sprayed Lightweight Composite Mortar-original Bamboo Composite Beams: Experimental Study

Li-min Tian, Yue-feng Kou, Ji-ping Hao


To study the flexural behavior of a composite beam, original single and double bamboo beams (SBBs and DBBs, respectively) and sprayed lightweight composite mortar-original bamboo composite beams (SCBs and DCBs) were designed and subjected to a four-point bending test based on the moisture content of the original bamboo. The failure modes, bearing capacity, and initial flexural rigidity of all of the beams were analyzed. Also, the strengthening effect of the lightweight composite mortar on the flexural behavior was studied. The results showed that a higher moisture content in the bamboo degraded the anti-slip property of the bond interface between the lightweight composite mortar and bamboo. The moisture content of the bamboo should be kept at approximately 20% before spraying. The initial flexural rigidity and bearing capacity of the DBBs were approximately 2.5 times and twice that of the SBBs, respectively. The initial flexural rigidities of the SCBs and DCBs were approximately 3.8 and 5.7 times that of the SBBs and DBBs, respectively. The ultimate load bearing capacity of the composite beams was approximately 1.5 times that of the original bamboo beams. It was shown that the lightweight composite mortar had a remarkable strengthening effect on the flexural behavior of the original bamboo.


Sprayed lightweight composite mortar; Original bamboo beam; Composite beam; Critical bamboo moisture content; Initial flexural rigidity; Bearing capacity

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