Effects of Waste Engine Oil Additive on the Pelletizing and Pyrolysis Properties of Wheat Straw

Yu Wang, Yu Sun, Kai Wu


This study focused on the reuse of wheat straw and waste engine oil by producing pellets with mixtures of the two products. Oxidative thermogravimetric experiments were carried out after blending the wheat straw with different amounts of the waste engine oil additive. Based on the results of these experiments, the effects of additive contents on the pyrolysis properties were obtained. Based on a single pellet unit, experiments were conducted to make pellets from wheat straw blended with the waste engine oil additive under different moisture content, temperature, and pressure conditions. The influences of additive content on the specific energy consumption, pellet density, tensile strength, and higher heating value (HHV) were investigated based on the experimental data. Finally, comparisons were made between the effects of waste engine oil additive and the additives used in other studies. The results showed that the use of waste engine oil additives had few effects on the pellet density but increased the HHV, and decreased the ignition temperature, specific energy consumption, and tensile strength.


Wheat straw; Pelletizing; Waste engine oil; Pellet quality; Energy consumption; Thermogravimetric analysis

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