Research on Milling Forces During High-speed Milling of Wood-plastic Composites

Weihua Wei, Yuantong Li, Tongming Xue, Xiao Liu, Long Chen, Jian Wang, Tongyue Wang, Yaning Cai


To analyze the influence of the milling parameters, including the spindle speed, feed rate, axial cutting depth, and radial cutting depth, on the milling force during high-speed milling of wood-plastic composites, an orthogonal test was performed with carbide cutting tools. The results showed that the tangential (Fx) and radial forces (Fy) decreased with an increase in the spindle speed, increased with an increase in the feed rate, and increased with an increase in the axial milling depth. Also, both were influenced by a relatively small amount of change in the axial milling depth. Mathematical models of Fx and Fy during the high-speed milling of wood-plastic composites were established with a multiple linear regression method. The variance analysis showed that the two mathematical models of the milling forces were significant overall.


Wood-plastic composites; High-speed milling; Milling force; Mathematical model

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