Bamboo as an Emerging Source of Raw Material for Household and Building Products

Hongyun Qiu, Jianfeng Xu, Zhibin He, Ling Long, Xiaopeng Yue


Bamboo is a category of fast-growing and widely distributed perennials having unique physical and mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of bamboo are often higher (typically by two to three times) than those of conventional timbers, and it has become a very important raw material for the household/ building industries. Bamboo has been commercially used for the production of indoor and outdoor floors, furniture, and structural timber for building. Some performance defects/ drawbacks of bamboo have been effectively remedied, due to the new technologies, such as bamboo scrimber, which facilitates the market penetration/ acceptance of bamboo-based household and building products.


Bamboo; Household products; Building products; Bamboo scrimber

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