Mercury Porosimetry and X-ray Microtomography for 3-Dimensional Characterization of Multilayered Paper: Nanofibrillated Cellulose, Thermomechanical Pulp, and a Layered Structure Involving Both

Mohamed Ali Charfeddine, Jean-Francis Bloch, Patrice Mangin


Mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) is an inexpensive and common technique to characterize porous structures like paper. One major limitation of MIP is the lack of information about the arrangement of pores in the structure, information that is particularly relevant for multilayer structures such as thickness-structured paper. In this article, results from Synchrotron X-ray 3D microtomography are combined with MIP data to provide in-depth and improved information about the structures.


Mercury intrusion porosimetry; Synchrotron X-ray 3D microtomography; Porosity profile; Bulk porosity; Surface porosity

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