Experimental Testing of Elastic Properties of Paper and WoodEpox® in Honeycomb Panels

Krzysztof Peliński, Jerzy Smardzewski


The literature lacks comparisons of analytical and numerical calculations that have been verified experimentally for elastic constants of auxetic cells in cores manufactured from wood materials. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of auxetic cell geometry and the type of material used in their manufacture on elastic properties of the honeycomb panel core. This paper describes properties of the materials, from which core cells were modeled and presents mathematical models of cell properties. The method of numerical optimization of cell shape was specified, and the numerical calculations concerning modeled cells are given along with the course and results of experimental tests. Additionally, the results of analytical, numerical, and experimental tests were compared. Cell geometry had a considerable effect on elastic properties of honeycomb panel cores, particularly the angle of the cell wall. Moreover, geometric imperfections had a significant effect on the results of analytical calculations. Based on numerical calculations, satisfactory consistency between these results and experimental tests was obtained.


Auxetic; Periodic core structures; WoodEpox®; Experiment; FEM

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