Influence of CCA-A Preservative on Physical-mechanical Properties of Brazilian Tropical Woods

Andréa de Souza Almeida, Gabriel Criscuolo, Tiago Hendrigo de Almeida, André Luis Christoforo, Eduardo Chahud, Luiz A. M. N. Branco, Roberto V. Pinheiro, Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr


Fast-growing species are gradually being used more in the Brazilian timber market. Such species are more susceptible to deterioration and require conservative treatment to prolong their service life. This work analyzed the influence of the chromated copper arsenate oxide (CCA-A) treatment on the physical-mechanical properties of the tropical woods Simarouba amara (C20), Cedrelinga catenaeformis (C30), and Erisma uncinatum (C40), which were chosen to cover the three lower strength classes, as prescribed by Brazilian Standard Norm. The CCA-A was applied to the wood with the vacuum-pressure process, which could increase the amount of surface defects and weaken the wood properties. To investigate the influence of this process, complete characterization of the species with and without CCA-A was performed, and a Tukey’s multiple comparisons test (5% significance level) was applied. Also, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images and energy dispersive spectra (EDS) were obtained to investigate the behavior of the preservative at the cellular level. Through the obtained results, it was concluded that the CCA did not affect the physical-mechanical properties of the studied species.


Tropical woods; Physical-mechanical properties; Treatment of wood; CCA preservative

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