Extraction of Pharmaceutical Composition from Chinese Eaglewood and Its Therapeutic Efficacy

Zhihong Pan, Jian Qiu, Haishan He, Qingde Li, Huajie Shen


There are few reports on the effect of Chinese eaglewood extractions on the relationship between a stroke-induced nerve and the motor dysfunction caused by the nerve dysfunction. In this study, lipids were successfully induced from white Eaglewood, and the cause of extraction were analyzed. Controlled clinical experiments were conducted to study the effects of Chinese eaglewood extracts as a drug therapy on the recovery of nerve and motor function of stroke patients. Such effects were further analyzed using the electroencephalograms (EEGs) test, the Fugl-Meyer upper extremity scale, and the Fugl-Meyer lower extremity scale. The results of the study showed that the nerve function recovery of stroke patients through compensatory effects was promoted by using Chinese eaglewood extracts, and the motor function recovery of patients was further improved. Thus, from the results of the Fugl-Meyer upper extremity and lower extremity scales, the motor functions of the stroke patients were gradually recovered during the clinical experiments, which indicated nerve function recovery. The RNA extraction results showed high RNA purity without the presence of proteins and that interfering substances can be obtained by using the mixed inducer agent. This study demonstrated the feasibility for the application of Chinese eaglewood extracts and its therapeutic efficacy.


Chinese eaglewood; Chemical induction; Pharmaceutical composition; Nerve function; Motor function

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