Physico-Mechanical and Joint Performance of Bamboo Veneer Products Manufactured by Mould Pressing

Wenfu Zhang, Shaohua Gu, Cuicui Wang, Haitao Cheng, Ge Wang


Bamboo can be processed into engineering materials with excellent properties by reasonable processing methods. In this study, the performance of mould-pressed bamboo (MBP) veneer products was examined. The physical mechanical properties and connection properties of MPB were tested, and the application performance of the MPB was analyzed. The results show that MPB has a comprehensive property of high internal bonding and good dimensional stability, and its density and mechanical properties are similar to those of wood dimensional stock. The overall bending strength, bending modulus, and compression strength of MPB were 29.0 MPa, 6.83 GPa, and 15.6 MPa, respectively. While the overall carrying capacity was relatively low, the connection performance of BPM was good. Thus, it can be used as a connector or substructure.


Bamboo moulds-profile; Dimension stock; Physical mechanics properties; Connection properties

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