Comparison of Some Key Parameters Contributing to Lignocellulosic Fiber Deformation Behavior by a Mathematical Model

Hongjie Zhang, Zhiqiang Li, Shuo Yang, Wenhui Zhang, Yu Sun, Shunhui Chen, Chong Luo


Deformation behavior is an important fundamental characteristic of lignocellulosic fibers; it affects the application range of fiber materials and the properties of fiber-based products. For instance, the density of a paper sheet depends on the degree to which the wet fibers are able to conform to the shapes of adjacent fibers during pressing and drying. In this study, a model for revealing the contribution of inherent characteristics of lignocellulosic fiber to its deformation behavior was developed and compared with other general models. The response sensitivities of cross-sectional parameters, fiber cell wall composition, and structure to the deformation behavior were determined as 3.26, 0.26, and 0.06, respectively. The results showed that the cross-sectional geometry was the main contributor to the deformation behavior of lignocellulosic fibers, followed by the ratio of different fiber cell wall components, and the fiber cell wall structure. To develop a comprehensive understanding of fiber separation in industrial production, the inherent fiber properties contributing to deformation behavior were investigated. This data could guide manufacturers to manage the treatment of different fiber separation processes to obtain fibers with required deformability, and thereby meet the requirements of fiber-based products.


Lignocellulosic fiber; Deformation behavior; Mathematical model; Cross-sectional parameters; Fiber cell wall composition

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