Comparison of Test Methods for the Determination of Delamination in Glued Laminated Timber

Rodney Vella, Michael T. Heitzmann, Adam Redman, Henri Bailleres


Engineered wood products are becoming more prevalent in the residential and commercial construction industries and need to be regulated by standards that ensure their classification and performance requirements. The applicable standard in Australia for the qualification of glued laminated timber is AS/NZS 1328.1:1998 (2011), last revised in 2011. Confusion exists with the specific interpretation of the testing procedures and subsequent methods used for the delamination process. Two methods currently used for product qualification were compared: one using a drying chamber and the other using a standard laboratory dehydrating oven. The trials conducted in accordance with the standard showed a significant difference in glue line delamination between the two testing methods. This was attributed to the lack of humidity and airflow control within the laboratory dehydrating oven and an incomplete drying of the test samples, resulting in different stresses on the glue line. It is evident that the current standard procedure requires clarification to ensure consistency in the test methods and comparable test results.


Engineered wood products; Glued laminated timber; Glue line delamination; Australian standard; Drying oven; Dehydrating oven

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