Experimental Study of the Uniaxial Stress-strain Relationships of Parallel Strand Bamboo in the Longitudinal Direction

Baolu Sheng, Yuling Bian, Yanyan Liu, Ying-Hei Chui


Parallel strand bamboo has extensive potential applications as a structural material for construction. Studying longitudinal stress-strain relationships is essential as a means to build a constitutive law for parallel strand bamboo composites and to conduct an inelastic analysis for structural members constructed by this material. For this reason, failure modes and the damage mechanisms were investigated for tension and compression in parallel strand bamboo composites in the longitudinal direction. An analytical stress-strain formula for the parallel strand bamboo composites was developed for tension and compression related calculations. Tensile failure was caused by the damage of the longitudinal fibers and showed brittle characteristics. The compressive failure resulted from the buckling of the fibers near the damage area. In addition, three types of failure modes were observed; longitudinal buckling failure, compressive-shearing failure, and longitudinal crush failure. The stress-strain relationship in the longitudinal direction of parallel strand bamboo composites exhibited linear behaviour for tension. However, the stress-strain relationship for compression remained linear within the proportional limit, while becoming nonlinear, which can be simulated by a quadratic polynomial, once the stress exceeded the limit. The experimental data agreed well with the model predictions, showing that the present model had high prediction accuracy.


Parallel strand bamboo; Uniaxial stress-strain relationship; Failure mode; Failure mechanism

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