Hydrolysis of Abandoned Bovine Hair by Pulping Spent Liquor and Preparation of Degradable Keratin-based Sprayable Mulch Film

Wenxin Li, Yurou Chen, Sufeng Zhang


Pulping spent liquor was used to hydrolyze abandoned bovine hair, and the resulting keratin hydrolyzate was blended with polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), polyacrylamide (PAM), N,N-methylenebis (acrylamide) (MBA), and glycerol (GL) to prepare the low-cost degradable keratin-based sprayable mulch film (KSMF). The prepared KSMF contained elements required for plant growth, such as N, P, K, S, Ca, Si, and the water absorbency reached 380% in deionized water. A degradation of 23.1 wt% was attained while it was buried for 50 d in soil. The KSMF was easy to apply and needed to be diluted for spraying on the soil surface and formed a physical barrier to reduce evaporation of water and heat preservation. The KSMF had good degradability and entered the soil to become a high-quality biomass organic fertilizer during the growth of the crop, thus avoiding "white pollution" and realizing the recycling of waste, which would extend the application prospects in sustainable modern agriculture.


Abandoned bovine hair; Pulping spent liquor; Hydrolysis; Keratin-based; Sprayable mulch film; Degradable

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