Acoustical Properties of Wood Fiberboards Prepared with Different Densities and Resin Contents

Se-Hwi Park, Min Lee, Pureun-Narae Seo, Eun-Chang Kang, Chun-Won Kang


The demand for noise control in residential environments is steadily increasing, but the currently available noise-reducing materials used in walls and floors are unsustainable and expensive. As an alternative, wood-fiber could be a good resource to manufacture eco-friendly acoustic materials. In this study, fiberboards were prepared by mixing wood-fibers (Pinus densiflora) with melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, obtaining specimens with different final densities and resin contents. The acoustic, physical, and morphological properties of the fiberboards were investigated. The sound absorption was greatly influenced by the density of the fiberboard: lower densities showed higher sound absorption performances. Furthermore, the low-frequency absorption coefficient was higher for lower resin contents. The materials met all the criteria required by the Korean standards for fiberboards. As the density increased, the dimensional stability and the bending strength increased; in contrast, the physical properties were not affected by the resin content. Microscopy observations confirmed that specimens with different densities and resin contents had different porosities; the porosity was assumed to be the main property that governs the noise-reducing ability. Due to their eco-friendliness and inexpensiveness, these fiberboards offer themselves as efficient and effective alternative sound-absorbing materials.


Fiberboard; Density; Resin content; Sound absorption; Transmission loss

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