Effects of Bamboo Species, Steam-heating Treatment, and Adhesives on Mechanical Properties and Dimensional Stability of Oriented Bamboo Scrimber Boards

Min-Jay Chung, Chia-Ju Lee


Effects of bamboo species, adhesives, and steam-heating treatment (SHT) were examined relative to mechanical properties and dimensional stability of oriented bamboo scrimber board (OBSB) made from makino bamboo (Phyllostachys makinoi Hayata) and moso bamboo (P. pubescens (Mazel)) strips. Results indicated that OBSB produced using makino bamboo culms bonded with water-soluble phenol formaldehyde resin (PF) had significantly higher ultrasonic wave velocity (Vu (//)), tap tone sound velocity (Vt (//)), dynamic modulus of elasticity (DMOEu (//)), and DMOEt (//) than that produced using moso bamboo bonded with water-soluble urea formaldehyde resin (UF) (p < 0.05). The two types of OBSB showed the same trend of DMOEu > DMOEt > modulus of elasticity (MOE). In addition, OBSB made using steam-heated makino bamboo and PF had the largest modulus of rupture (MOR) (210.5 MPa), exceeding that of OBSB made using laminated bamboo timber and wood-plastic composite (WPC). However, OBSB made using steam-heated moso bamboo and UF exhibited the highest screw holding strength (SHS). Improvement in dimensional stability was observed in OBSB manufactured using steam-heated culms. Finally, OBSB glued with UF had lower water absorption, thickness swelling, and volumetric swelling than that glued with PF.


Bamboo culms; Phenol formaldehyde resin; Urea formaldehyde resin; Oriented bamboo scrimber board; Mechanical property; Dimensional stability

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