Eco-innovation Performance in Slovakia: Assessment Based on ABC Analysis of Eco-innovation Indicators

Erika Loučanová, Martina Nosáľová


The development of the global economy is accompanied by growing environmental pollution, which has led to a change in attitudes and a need to promote sustainability. Modern innovation policy is becoming increasingly environmentally oriented. The purpose of this paper was to estimate the current situation of eco-innovation’s development in Slovakia. Eco-innovation Index analysis results showed that, in general, Slovakia is in the group of countries that are moderate innovators, with an innovation performance below the European Union average. Eco-innovation generally positively influences the environmental, economic, and social growth of companies that gradually adopt sustainable development. Therefore, it is convenient to identify the eco-innovative performance of Slovakia as well as to analyze the critical issues, which may also influence the desired positive development of eco-innovation in the future.


Eco-Innovation Index; Eco-innovation indicators; ABC analysis

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