Influence of Moisture Content on the Mechanical Properties of Selected Wood-based Composites

Conrad M. Sala, Eduardo Robles, Aneta Gumowska, Anita Wronka, Grzegorz Kowaluk


Wood quality depends on many circumstances, as it is sensitive to changing properties, depending on the environment. This work evaluates the influence of moisture content of selected wood-based composites on their basic mechanical properties, i.e., modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity. The selected panels were divided by application in construction materials and furniture materials, which demand specific conditions during service-life. The increase of moisture content in different types of wood-based panels resulted in a slight reduction of the modulus of rupture and the modulus of elasticity. Boards for use in dry conditions, mainly in the furniture industry, were more sensitive to lowering their modulus of elasticity with higher board moisture content compared with those designed for humid conditions, mainly from the building industry.


Wood-based panels; Moisture content; MOR; MOE

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