Simulation of the Nanofiltration of Pulping Black Liquor by Dynamic Blade Cross-flow with Membrane

Wenjie Zhao, Zhongyu Du, Ning Kuang, Hao Wang, Benliang Yu, Junfei Wu, Fushan Chen


This paper investigated the filtration of black liquor with blade cross-flow by membrane. The lignin content in black liquid filtered by the nanofiltration membrane (NP010) is high under the transmembrane pressure of 0.5 bar, 1 bar, 1.5 bar, and 2 bar at 300 rpm and 800 rpm. In this regard, the tangential velocity on the nanofiltration membrane surface and the pressure variation on the blade in the process of filtration are simulated and analyzed with Fluent software. The tangential flow velocity on the nanofiltration membrane surface and the dynamic pressure on the blade, as well as the law of change under different rotation speed and transmembrane pressure are obtained. The comparison between experimental and simulated results have validated the numerical model of the filtration of black liquid by the blade dynamic cross-flow. According to the experimental and simulated results, the optimized filtration conditions are obtained when the blade dynamic cross-flow uses 1 kDa nanofiltration membrane to filter black liquor.


Dynamic cross-flow; Nanomembrane filtration; Tangential velocity; Dynamic pressure

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