Evaluation of Physical, Anatomical, and Biometric Characteristics of Citrus sinensis Trees in Longitudinal and Transverse Axes of Stem

Ali Hassanpoor Tichi, Habibollah Khademieslam, Mojtaba Rezanezhad Divkolae


Three healthy Citrus sinensis (orange) trees in Babol, Iran, were randomly selected and cut. Two discs of 5 cm thickness were prepared along the tree (breast height and crown). In the transverse direction, the test specimens were cut 2 × 2 cm to 3 cm from the pith to the bark sequentially and examined. The biometric and physical properties were measured, and microscopic sections of wood near the bark were studied using light microscopy according to the International Association of Wood Anatomists’ (IAWA) List. Anatomical examination of the C. sinensis wood showed that the species was a diffuse porous hardwood, with indistinct growth rings, simple perforation plates, alternate intervessel pits, and banded parenchyma. The basic density and oven-dry density increased from the pith towards the tree bark and from the bottom of the tree towards the crown. There was a significant difference in both the transverse and longitudinal directions of the C. sinensis tree in terms of fiber length, fiber lumen diameter, fiber diameter, and cell wall thickness. The mean fiber length, fiber diameter, fiber lumen diameter, and cell wall thickness were 0.76 mm, 23.64 µm, 9.23 µm, and 14.41 µm, respectively.


Orange wood; Basic density; Diffuse porous hardwood

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