Anatomical Characterization, Physical, and Chemical Properties of Wood of Quercus macdougallii Martínez, Endemic Species of the Sierra Juárez of Oaxaca, Mexico

Faustino Ruiz-Aquino, Lizbeth Luna Bautista, Aremi E. Luna Bautista, Wenceslao Santiago-García, Luis F. Pintor-Ibarra, José G. Rutiaga-Quinones


The anatomical characteristics and the physical and chemical properties of wood of Quercus macdougallii Martínez are presented for the first time. Q. macdougallii Martínez is an endemic species of the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca. The microscopic characteristics were described in preparations of typical cuts and dissociated material. The physical properties were evaluated according to the ASTM D 143-94 standard in sapwood and heartwood specimens. The measurable elements and physical properties were classified according to the mean. With the measurable elements, the paper pulp quality index was determined. In sapwood and heartwood, the basic chemical composition was determined. The wood of Q. macdougallii presented a pronounced grain, a thick texture, and a straight thread. Fibers, fibrotracheids, uniseriate, multiseriate, and aggregate rays were found. Basic density 0.55 g cm-3 in sapwood and 0.61 g cm-3 in heartwood is classified as moderately heavy and heavy, respectively. The saturation point of the fiber is classified as high. Based on its physical properties, Q. macdougallii wood can be used in the manufacture of furniture, veneer, floors, tool handles, and construction. Based on the pulp quality indices and chemical composition, this wood could be used to obtain cellulose pulp for paper.


Sapwood; Wood basic density; Pulp quality indexes; Wood chemistry

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