Kinematics and Dynamics of the Ballistic Impact Behavior for an Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fiber Reinforced Bio-Composite

Siti Nikmatin, Bambang Hermawan, Irmansyah Irmansyah, Mohammad Nur Indro, Mochammad Danny Sukardan, Rofiqul Umam


The ballistic impact behavior of oil empty fruit bunch fiber reinforced bio-composites was studied. Epoxy and polyester resins were used as the main material and were evaluated as a matrix to determine their capability. The ballistic test was performed using a 9 mm handgun and a jacketed hollow point round. A model based on kinematics and dynamics was used to calculate the decrease in velocity of the projectile with a constant deceleration. The energy lost during the impact was calculated based on the theory of kinetic energy. The epoxy bio-composite was able to hold a projectile more successfully than the polyester bio-composite at a certain penetration depth. The curve of the decrease in velocity for both of the resins was exponentially distributed. An 18% epoxy bio-composite was able to more successfully stop the projectile at a penetrative depth of 2.14 mm and was able to absorb all the kinetic energy generated (408 J).


Deceleration; Kinetics energy; Penetrating depth; Striking velocity

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