Optimization of Pretreating Poplar Wood Shavings with Cellulase to Produce Binderless Fiberboard Using Response Surface Methodology

Jianguo Wu, Yuanyuan Wang, Zhao Zhang, Xuanxian Lu, Chi Wang, Zhiqing Zhong, Dong Qian, Tong Zhang


Wood processing waste, poplar wood shavings, were used for fiberboard production, and the pretreatment conditions using cellulase were studied using response surface methodology (RSM). After single factors optimization, central level of temperature, dosage, and liquid/solid ratio (LSR) of cellulase pretreatment conditions were obtained. Further optimization to study the influence of the factors was carried out using Box-Behnken design of experiments. A second-order polynomial equation was obtained, and the low p-value (<0.007) implied that the model was highly significant by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The optimized cellulase pretreatment conditions for maximum bending strength (BS) of the fiberboard were determined by ridge analysis as 44.4 °C of temperature, 1.23 U/g of dosage, 4.2 of LSR, and 5 h of pretreatment time. Under the optimized conditions, the BS of the fiberboard reached 25.12 ± 0.35 MPa by validation experiment, which was twice that of the fiberboard without pretreatment. Thus, the cellulase pretreatment should be a good choice to produce high-strength binderless fiberboard.


Fiberboard; Binderless; Cellulase; Pretreatment; Poplar wood shavings; Response surface methodology; Optimization

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