Treatment Effects of Choline Chloride-based Deep Eutectic Solvent on the Chemical Composition of Red Pine (Pinus densiflora)

Gu-Joong Kwon, Bong-Suk Yang, Chan-Woo Park, Rajkumar Bandi, Eun-Ah Lee, Ji-Soo Park, Song-Yi Han, Nam-Hun Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee


Effects of deep eutectic solvent (DES) treatment were determined for the chemical composition of the sapwood and heartwood of red pine (Pinus densiflora). Two DES systems were made from the mixture of choline chloride (ChCl) and two different hydrogen bond donors (HBDs), namely, lactic acid (LA) and glycerin (GLY), with different molar ratios (1:2, 1:6, and 1:10). The yield of the solid residue after DES treatment decreased with an increase in the HBD concentration and treatment time, indicating that the water-soluble fraction was increased. The amount of solid residue was lower in the DES with LA than in DES with GLY, and higher in sapwood than in heartwood during both DES treatments. There was no substantial change in the lignin content of the samples, each being 24.7 to 29.5 wt.%, based on the mass of the treated product. Similar to the yield of the solid residue, cellulose and hemicellulose content in the treated product decreased with an increase in the HBD concentration and treatment time, and it was higher in sapwood than in heartwood. The cellulose crystallinity exhibited a slight increase with increasing treatment time, but there was no difference among the treatments using different molar ratios and between sapwood and heartwood.


Deep eutectic solvent; Red pine; Choline chloride; Lactic acid; Glycerin; Chemical composition

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